Hi there!
I'm Sandra and I'm the Principal Designer and Team Lead at Curtiss-Wright Corporation



Hard work, perseverance, focus, and dedication. I do my best to live by this mantra.
Having started out as a self-taught freelance graphic designer I worked hard to build up my skills and experience. Through teaching myself, working in the fields of, and taking various courses in web design and development, graphic design, video creation and editing, illustration and more I have learned to take each new piece of information I get my knowledge hungry hands on and apply it.

I've grown from holding a position as an intern, to a team leader and principal designer, and I have leaned in and pushed myself.
But i'm not done yet. I'm looking now for my next challenge, so if you are seeking someone with the skills and perseverance to bring new vision to your team, someone whose enthusiasm for design and the details is infectious, then please get in touch.

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